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D’Smith’s Churrascaria

D’Smith’s Churrascaria

For my Super Bowl party, I decided to recreate one of my favorite international restaurant experiences, the Brazilian Churrascaria, where a buffet feast of rotisserie meats, sides and desserts are displayed. In my preparation, I have four different cuts of beef – the popular picahna or top sirloin, fraldihna (bottom sirloin), ancho (ribeye) and filet (mignon) which is prepared with a garlic smear. I also prepare smoked and grilled chorizo sausage, linguica sausage, frango (chicken) wrapped in smoked bacon and an assortments of sides including steamed white asparagus, proscuitto ham and grano padano cheese platter, cheese-beef-pork and black bean dip, chicken salad, and green salad with an assortment of toppings. For dessert, I prepared grilled pineapple, fried bananas, fried Nutella empanadas, and my friends brought toffee crunch cookies and cheesecake tarts. This feast is sure to please a big crowd.

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